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More than just a once-a-year affair, business executives have now found themselves in a situation where they have to get on a plane more often than they have ever thought of. Moreover, this proves to be a challenge given the increasing complexity of business travel, with connecting flights, multiple time zones, complicated fare and accommodation expense calculations.We will talk about the two major ways of fixing plans for business travel and their respective ups and downs. This is to help you, the business traveler, find the deal that best suits your taste.First, we have the traditional travel agency. While most think that this option is outdated, the travel agent of today still has his advantages over anything else. Travel agents have the expertise with all things that have to do with their trade. From ticketing and planning itineraries, to finding the best hotels for your stay, they know it all. All these variables can be daunting to the busy executive, who seldom has enough time to go through all the nuances that have to be dealt with.However, travel agents sometimes have the knack for giving you the flights that will give them the greatest profit margin. We can't blame them because they're only human, but it can be difficult on our end nonetheless.Second, is the internet. Internet booking is very popular nowadays because it is usually faster and cheaper than booking with a travel agent - no travel time to the travel agency's office, and no extra costs for service fees. For purposes of economy, this is the way to go. Furthermore, there are airline perks that come only when tickets are booked online.But then, booking via the internet can be difficult when you wish to go to a relatively obscure destination, where no direct flights are available, and when travel information is scant. It will be difficult to search for good hotels, among other things.

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