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A high quality travel mug is something that not everybody opts to spend their money on. Everyone tends to have one or two basic travel mugs sitting around the house and if they are anything like me they probably cycle through new cheap tumblers all the time. Sometimes a cheap mug is lost, sometimes it's phased out because it isn't comfortable to use, a lot of the time however it is replaced by a "better" cheap coffee mug which is better able to keep coffee hot longer and stop leaks and drips from happening.The simple fact of the matter is that almost all of these cheap coffee mugs work the same. They have thin insulation and cheap lids. Some of these lids are better capable of stopping leaks and spills than others but generally speaking they are all similar. If you want a good mug that will not leak air or liquid then you have to pay a little more money. Similarly if you want a mug that is capable of keeping your drinks hot for five hours or more you have to branch out of the $5 to $10 range products and pay a little more. There are coffee mugs which will keep your coffee hot all day long; they are not as rare as you might think.One of the best travel mugs is actually a thermos brand mug. Thermos has been around for many years and has built a great reputation and for good reason. The top of the line thermos mugs are designed with thick thermal insulation in their mugs side walls and bottoms so that your drink can actually stay hot for an incredibly long period of time. When the insulation is thin then heat is able to transfer through the walls and escape so having high quality thick insulation is important. You can usually feel this insulation in the weight of the mug so if you are shopping for something blindly you could do worse than to look for a heavy mug with thick walls.The other main thing to look for in a high end coffee mugs are to look for lids that seal tightly and is heavily insulated. Thermos lids have long been designed for thermal insulation and leak resistance as many of their products deal with food and liquid. The best lids are almost always capable of being taken apart for more thorough cleaning too because as any coffee drinker knows coffee grime can build up in lids. This grime can both be dirty but can also degrade the seal and allow hot air and liquid to leak out. If you want a coffee mug to keep temperature for five hours or more then these little leaks have to be minimized and buying a mug with a better lid is one way to do just that.

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