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Time travel is one of those storylines that can be either very moving or really cheesy, thought-provoking or groan-inducing, Insightful or a mess. It is a very tricky and delicate part of both science fiction and romance genres.Many film directors and screenwriters have tackled the topic throughout the years, with results that range from forgettable, to funny and quirky, to bracingly romantic. Some of the notable Hollywood efforts include "The Butterfly Effect," "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," "Click," "Hot Tub Time Machine" and, perhaps one of the most beloved, "Back to the Future."These can be crowd-pleasing, engaging films, but once in awhile, a time travel film is made that raises the bar and takes things to a deeper level. It offers a twist that both shocks and asks much of the audience.There is also something to be said for time travel romances. The premise appeals to a broad audience. After all, who hasn't considered the possibility of reincarnation, of time travel, of the possibility of a lost love forgotten somewhere in time? There is an allure to something we can almost conceive of as being possible.In the 2006 drama "The Lake House," Kate Foster played by Sandra Bullock and Alex Wyler played by Keanu Reeves are a couple separated by two years, who communicate through love letters exchanged through a mailbox outside the lake house where Kate lives (Alex inhabited the place two years earlier).

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