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It is a fact of life for many holidaymakers that their holiday is going to entail a degree of drinking alcohol and partying. Do you know how much you can get away with and not risk invalidating your travel insurance?That degree of drinking could be anything from a nice chilled glass of wine with dinner, to bingeing on umbrella-adorned cocktails at the pool, to a brain-numbing bender of island rum concoctions. Just how much is too much is not always clear, and can vary from company to company, so it is best to play it safe.The problems begin when excessive drinking leads to an accident, illness, or injury to yourself, another person, or property - and then you try to claim on your travel insurance. Problems could arise, for example, if a hospital medical report details the fact that you were intoxicated. If circumstances of the claim are found to have involved or been caused by excessive consumption of alcohol or other intoxicating substances, any related claims on your insurance may be denied and you, or your family, could face huge bills and be left seriously out-of-pocket.It is not that the insurers want to spoil your holiday fun! Let's face it, no matter what type of insurance policy you have it is not going to provide a license for excessive drinking, or absolve you of responsibility if you put yourself, others or property at risk.When it comes to travel insurance, the amount of alcohol you can drink and get away with may vary from company to company, and claims dealt with on an individual basis. As a basic guide, it is fairly safe to conclude that if you are over the limit to drive you are probably over the limit as far as any related insurance claims are concerned.It is one thing to be responsible and take out travel insurance, but unfortunately many people still fail to read through the policy to understand what is covered, or call the company to ask questions. Therefore, many go off on their holidays oblivious that their drinking excesses could invalidate their insurance policy and leave them exposed to potential financial ruin. The same applies to ski, backpacker - and even seniors insurance!Stag and Hen parties are often recipes for potential disaster as they usually involve serious drinking and partying. Remember that the alcohol content of drinks may be stronger in some countries than you are used to at home. For example, a Margarita served up in a bar in Mexico is likely to be much stronger than one you would have at home. Also, if skiing or holidaying in the mountains the altitude can play havoc as the effects of alcohol are enhanced.



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