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If you're a business traveler and you do business all over the world, and if you do business in the Middle East, eventually you'll find yourself traveling to Saudi Arabia. The United States is a big trader with Saudi Arabia, and luckily they reciprocate and buy a lot of goods from the United States, as obviously we buy a lot of oil from that country, and they are the head of OPEC.Still, before you travel to one of the world hotspots I would recommend that you read up a little history on this nation so you understand what's going on, how you should act, and a little bit about the culture as well. In fact I feel so strongly about this I'd like to recommend a very good book to you, and it is a book that I own personally, and the name of the book is;"Saudi Arabia" (The World's Hot Spots Series) by Adrian Sinkler (book editor), Greenhaven Press (a Thompson Gale Company), New York, NY, (2003), 159 pages, ISBN: 0-7377-1812-9.In this book you will learn about the history, and some of the current tensions between the Royal family and the citizens. Also you can learn how oil has changed the country, and how Saudi Arabia played a part in Gulf War one, and two. You will also understand some of the aggression against the United States from some of the Muslims there. And you will learn about the prospects of future reform, and the chance that the house of Saud could fall at the hands of the people.Indeed, as we watch the governments of Tunisia and Egypt fall, and we will likely see the government of Iran make major changes, such overthrow's could also happen in Saudi Arabia, and this could have serious effects for the region, oil supply, and America's involvement in the Middle East. As a business traveler it could also affect your business dealings, and your personal safety if you happen to be traveling there as major problems occur.Some say it's not if but when, and others would have you believe that there's no problem at all. Nevertheless, if you are traveling for personal reasons or business you need to be up on the facts surrounding all the conflict. Indeed I hope you'll please consider all this and think on it, and if you have any questions, concerns, or comments please shoot me an e-mail.Lance Winslow is an Online Author, his latest eBook about Boat Detailing is now available in the "Lance Winslow Small Business Series" titled; "How to Start a Boat Cleaning Business" (a Nook Book available at the Barnes and Noble Website). Lance Winslow is semi-retired and Founder of the Online Think Tank - You may contact Lance Winslow by email for dialogue, discourse, discussion, or debate on interesting topics.



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