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Just because you are 65 or older certainly doesn't mean you have one foot in the grave and are ready to give up those things you enjoy! Age Concern travel insurance is often the perfect choice for those who enjoy traveling, and who travel abroad occasionally. You're in the prime of your life, retired, have time on your hands, and you're ready to see the world! This is no time to let thoughts of accidents or mishaps prevent you from doing the things you most enjoy, just because you are a certain age.Of course, you want to be fully prepared before you take off on a fun-filled or relaxing adventure in other countries. This means getting insurance coverage just in case something should happen, though hopefully you'll never have to use it. Age Concern travel insurance is a popular choice of those age 65 and older, because you can choose the coverage you need. Many policies do not cover pre-existing conditions, so should something happen while you are traveling you may be left with the expense. With Age Concern travel insurance, you simply fill out some information concerning your condition to learn if you qualify.Are you one of those people who have never felt your age, and continue to enjoy strenuous activities such as water-skiing, snow skiing, canoeing and the like? Because you reach a certain age, there is no reason you should be penalized for enjoying life. Many insurance companies today will not cover you in certain circumstances; in fact, they act as if though because you are 65, 70 or 75 years old, you should just become sedentary and stop all activities that require more than walking to the door. This is crazy, and something many people are just not going to accept. With Age Concern travel insurance, you can still kick up your heels and have the time of your life!It's sometimes hard to find travel insurance that offers the best coverage for you. One thing you should never do is assume that a travel policy covers it all; read the fine print, discuss it all with the agent. Are you covered in case of a car accident? Is your luggage covered in case of theft or loss at the airport? Will costs be covered should your trip be cancelled early, or will you have to pay for airfare and hotel, even though you are departing sooner? Should you have an accident while skiing or boating, will your insurance cover any injuries or related expenses? These are things you must know before you travel, so that in case anything does happen you are prepared.

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