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You've decided to travel and explore the world, thats awesome! Apart from a well deserved break from the hassles of daily life, your holiday or vacation will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. However, to make sure they are great memories its worth taking some time before you leave to prepare for the journey ahead.Firstly, the Destination. Do you want to relax by the beach, trek through remote villages, see world famous monuments, discover new cultures? Before you travel,think about what type of adventure suits your personality, your interests, your fitness level and probably for most people your budget and timelimit. Friends, family and the net can be a great help, but a travel agent is worth a visit. Check out several agencies and compare destinations, recommendations, prices, packages and insurance offered.Once you have decided on the destination there are a couple of preliminary things that need attention - Vaccinations and Medication. Are you travelling to a part of the world that requires vaccinations, and are you on any medication that may be restricted in other parts of the world? See your doctor for advice on vaccinations and get a letter detailing the medications that you are prescribed in case customs in another country question your package of pills.You will also need to confirm your passport is in date and any visa requirements for the countries you intend to visit. These will vary depending on your home country and where you go, but generally you need at least 6 months validity on your passport. Be aware that for some visa's you will need to post your passport to the relevant embassy in your country. Its very scary, but a common requirement if the embassy is not in your home city.Secondly, your method of Travel. Flying is quickest, especially for long distances, but a lot can be said for train travel or cruises if you they interest you. Your travel agent can also help you with complicated ticket bookings, getting you cheaper and more direct routes than you might be able to arrange yourself. Always look at the time that you will leave home and the time of day you will arrive at your desination. Nothing worse than arriving at midnight when nothing is open and your hotel has closed for check in! If you can book tickets early, rather than last minute, you're likely to save money and a lot of hassle. Make sure you take out travel insurance. This is a must. If you cant afford the insurance, you cant afford to go - simple as that.

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