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Geo is one of the short-lived brands in the industry. With unique product line up, the brand was known for its small cars. Started in the year 1989, the small car brand from General Motors Corporation was able to withstand the market up to 1998. The brand was introduced by GM to face competition from the Japanese import vehicles. So, GM adopted the plan of creating joint ventures with the Japanese manufacturers to compete with the small car import market. The slogan of Geo was 'Get to know Geo'. The product line up of Geo includes Geo Metro, Geo Spectrum, Geo Tracker, Geo Prizm, and Geo Storm. All the cars except for Geo Prizm are designed and manufactured by Isuzu and Suzuki. GM had its contribution along with Toyota in the manufacturing of Prizm. The vehicle Geo Metro was a slight variation of Suzuki Cultus and it came in different variations such as sedans, hatchbacks and convertible. The Geo Spectrum was a compact car and it was available slightly bigger than Metro. Geo Tacker was a mini SUV and it was the longest running model from Geo. Geo Prizm was a compact sedan and it competed with Chevrolet Cavalier. Finally the Strom model was a sporty car from Geo. There was some problem with the model when Isuzu discontinued their line of cars.

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