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Cusco is the tourist capital of Peru. It is the main city closest to Machu Picchu, and the town of Cusco itself was once the capital of the former mighty Inca Empire. Because so many people visit the city and this region, a tourism industry with multiple hotels has appeared. Because there are so many hotel options in Cusco, it can be difficult to decide where you want to stay. Here are a few suggestions of the best hotels to stay at during your Cusco travel adventure.If you're looking for backpacker rates but don't want to stay in a smelly, overcrowded youth hostel, these next two hotels might be the right choice for you. Armaru Hostel has multiple private rooms with private (or shared) bathrooms for very good prices. You'll enjoy panoramic views of Cusco from some windows and walkways, and will be treated to a complimentary breakfast. Another great choice is the Ninos Hotel. Though not as charming as Armaru Hostel, Ninos Hotel offer good, clean budget accommodations, and donates proceeds to child welfare projects.

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