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Bentley, the brand is synonymous with luxury. The brand born in England is known for its refined look and royal image. Started by Walter Owen Bentley as Bentley Motors in the year 1919, Bentley vehicles are known for its craftsmanship in perfect blend with new technologies. Introducing to its users the '3-litre' Bentley, the company increased its larger vehicle production in the subsequent years and successful at racing. But in early 1930s due to financial difficulties, the brand was sold to Rolls Royce in 1931. After the change in hand, the models which came out of the factory were just a remodeled Rolls Royce with slight change in the chassis. When nothing big happened during these years, the company began to see changes during 1980s. Mulsanne Turbo sedan which was introduced during this period after the change in the company's policy attracted a lot of customers. From the year 1998 another major player BMW started supplying engines to Rolls Royce and Bentley. Later during the same year a conflict raised when Volkswagen acquired both the brands. Then the conflict was resolved during 2003 when Volkswagen handed over the control of Rolls Royce to BMW and retaining Bentley.

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