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For those nurses with the urge to travel and experience life in a different culture, a career as a travel nurse may be the perfect blend of work and pleasure. Rated as the best healthcare system in the world by the World Health Organization (WHO), French nurses are in demand both in their own country and around the world. French nurses are being recruited by other countries, creating a nursing shortage in France. With globalization, it is now easy for countries to make up for nursing shortages by seeking out travel nurses to fill vacant or hard to fill positions.For help in locating and securing a travel nursing position it is best to sign up with a travel nursing agency. Most international nursing agencies have the experience to help the travel nurse through the registration process, including any licensing or training that is required. A travel nursing tour is typically on a 13 week rotation which means that a nurse could experience four different settings in her travel country, if desired. Options to extend a 13 week tour are often available if a nurse wants to remain in the same location.Aside from competitive salaries and full medical benefits, there are numerous other perks for the travel nurse. Clean, safe subsidized housing is offered, many times with utilities included. Paid vacation, sick pay, continuing education stipends and contract bonuses can be offered as additional benefits. Some hospitals may provide nursing uniforms and nursing shoes, but generally a nurse must be prepared to provide their own uniforms. The use of uniform scrubs as nursing uniforms has spread internationally and is usually acceptable, except in a few locations where the traditional nursing uniform is mandated. Replacements for worn or damaged nursing uniforms may not be readily available in the local marketplace, but online uniform scrubs retailers carry a large selection of uniform scrubs in all sizes and colors at discount prices making uniform shopping easy for nurses without access to a local retail store.A career in nursing is held in high esteem throughout France. Employment is available in both public and private hospitals. The standard work week for nurses is 35 hours. However, with the nursing shortage many nurses work more than 35 hours and receive compensatory time off. Many hospitals practice mandatory shift rotation for its nurses instead of a set schedule.

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