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There are a few different paths that can be taken for those who are interested in a nursing career. You can work for a hospital, doctor's office, or you can even work home care with elderly people or young children. The possibilities are endless and there are now even travel nurse positions. These are ideal for those who are looking for a change and like constant moving around. You will be traveling to different states or parts of the world to offer your services for a set amount of time and then you move to a different location.The nurse salary for this type of job can vary based on a few different things and the area you are working in is going to be the biggest factor that plays a role into your earnings. You could be working for larger companies and hospitals or smaller private facilities. If you know someone who is a travel nurse, you CNA ask them an average salary to see if the pay makes up for the constant travel. This type of position is hard for those who have families.Typically, a travel RN is going to make more than a stationary RN. As an overall national average, a RN makes $25. For a traveling nursing position, you can expect to make more along the lines of $30 - $40 hourly. The one thing that you should keep in mind is that while this is an average, each facility or agency may offer you something different as they sometimes are not going to offer everyone the same rate. The rate can be based on years of experience as well as the type of degree and education you have. The more education and experience you have, the better off you are at getting an increased rate.There are a few other factors that play into your salary such as the area of the country or world you are in. The more of a demand for nurses there are the more you are likely to be paid. Smaller areas may not pay as much as the demand is not that high. Places that have higher living costs may pay higher as well. The longer your assignment the better your pay and if your job is only temporary you can expect something a little lower.The benefits that you receive from being a travel nurse are often times better than the pay itself. To begin with, a travel nurse position can make your resume stand out. You get a great sense of knowledge and experience as a travel nurse and this is going to make your skills stand out from the next person applying for the same job.You can also expect extra monetary perks and benefits that go beyond a great salary or hourly rate. Housing is often times paid for when you travel and because you are going to be working longer shifts, you will be able to save more money in the end. Travel nursing can be something exciting and a once in a lifetime opportunity. The nurse salary for this position is not the only thing that comes to mind when people consider this type of a job.

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