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In many corporate companies, the employees would be under great work pressure and would like to rejuvenate. Quite often these people would like to spend their free time on a holiday by travelling to foreign countries. They can explore the rich and sophisticated life while spending some time abroad. A person can improve his knowledge about different people, places, cultures... Overall travelling is an important factor which helps a person build global learning and knowledge. While on a trip there are situations like an unforeseen medical emergency that people might come across which might ruin their exciting journey.While on a trip along with a traveller's passport, other possessions and luggage, an important and right kind of overseas travel medical insurance is also essential. Travelling abroad without overseas travel health insurance could land a person in a financial disaster. Most people think they are covered if they already have existing domestic health insurance, but this is not true. Overseas travel insurance is very much required and covers while the travellers is outside the home country. Also if the travellers are in a foreign country, some hospitals might admit them without caring about coverage but later they will not discharge them until the travelers pay a huge sum of money for the treatment.There are many insurance companies, each of them providing different insurance plans. The travel and medical needs while abroad varies from one traveler to another. Based on these needs, a traveler can choose among the different plans provided by different companies. TATA AIG is one of the most popular insurance companies which provide overseas travel insurance for people travelling abroad. The plans designed by this company available with effective medical coverage and reasonable premium cost.TATA AIG insurance company has designed different travel insurance plans which can satisfy the different needs or requirements of the traveller. The travellers who are going abroad can choose from Asia Guard insurance, Travel Guard insurance and Annual Multi Trip insurance plans. Asia Guard insurance can be selected by travellers who are visiting the Asian countries. Annual Multi Trip is suitable for travellers travelling overseas multiple times during a year. TATA AIG overseas travel insurance plans provides benefits like Coverage of Accident & Sickness Medical Expenses, checked baggage loss, baggage delay, loss of passport, personal liability, hijacking, trip delay, personal accident, etc.

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