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In the old days it actually was a big deal to take a vacation. This is because it was very expensive, time consuming and even a bit risky. It was a big deal because it was a special event that did not happen all the time. Most people never went on long trips unless there was some type of problem. Maybe they were relocating to a new state or country to make a better life for their families. Maybe it was family business that induced them to travel.But whatever the reason, it was seldom for leisure or a vacation. People just didn't go on holiday for no reason simply because they did not have the extra time or the means to do it. Things changed at the turn of the last century. More people were able to benefit from mass transit such as trains and steamships to travel farther and farther away from home. It also became safer and less expensive as the technology advanced.And then along came traveling by plane which really became popular after the Second World War. Individuals were doing better and had more disposable income to use on such extravagances as family holidays. Packing the whole family up and going on a trip that required the use of traveling by air was a big deal. Flying throughout the country or across the ocean was still fairly new and very fantastic. After all, it had only been a few years since these kinds of adventures captured the imagination of the public with Lindbergh and Earhart.The public was still fascinated with air travel and aviation and the technology had to keep up with the desire for it. Airplanes were magical and captured the imagination of young and old. It was new enough to be exciting and a little bit adventurous. It was a big deal to put on those new traveling cloths that were almost as nice as their Sunday best and walk across the tarmac and climb those stairs onto that big and shiny airplane.It was an occasion, something to celebrate and revel in because an event of this magnitude did not come around very often. Some of this excitement and amazement has been eroded over the years, which could be expected, but is still kind of disappointing. It really is an exercise in defiance when you think of how these huge planes glide through the air. They are breaking the laws of logic and are truly an amazing sight.

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